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    1. 减反膜(或增透膜)

      Coating Type
      Properties and Application
      Single Layer MgF2
      Applied to materials with refractive indices from 1.45 to 2.4. The most popular antireflection coating for visible. They are insensitive to change in incidence angles.
      Multilayer "V"
      Used to provide low reflectance with in a narrow durable wavelength band for most laser application. Minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%
      Broadband Multilayer(宽带多层减反膜) These coatings have excellent performance over a broad spectral range broadband. Coating performance is sensitive to angle of incidence.
      Dual Wavelength Band(双波长多层减反膜) Offer very low reflectance at two widely spaced wavelengths, such as Nd:YAG Laser (1064) and its second harmonic (532) . Tempotec makes this a double wavelength waveplate.

      AR coating sample curves
      单层MgF2,在波长400 ~ 700 nm(入射角为0),平均反射率 < 2%

      单波长减反膜在波长为1064nm(入射角为0时),反射率R < 0.25%

      宽带多层减反膜,在420nm~700nm范围内(入射角度为0)平均反射率 < 1.0%

      双波长剁成减反膜在532nm~1064nm(入射角度为0)时平均反射率 < 0.25%